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Why did you choose Moore’s Karate? I had friends who were taking lessons. They were able to do some cool things that I wanted to learn too. Once I began, I LOVED it and couldn't believe what I could do. After one and a half years I quit. Why did you come back and why did you stay? Moore’s Karate has a tradition of 50 years plus of teaching the ultimate self-defence in martial arts. Moore’s Grand Masters are local and available for teaching and training blackbelts. Grandmaster Al Moore Jr. is still very involved in teaching. Since we always have our hands and feet I always have the weapons needed to keep my family and myself safe. It ties all the physical and mental desipline together. What’s the best thing about being a Shun Shifu (head teacher)? Helping people learn and grow and be able to protect themselves and their family from violence, attacks or bullies. It is a service I am happy to give to our community. I see people come who are timid or even have anger control and see their behaviors improve into well balanced members of society. What is the best thing about having a black belt? All of the knowledge and ability that I have learned over the years. It is an invitation into a exclusive community of really awesome people. Moore’s karate is selective about who receives and has earned their black belt.

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